Flip Jump Race 3D


Flip Jump Race 3D GamePlay:

Trampolining is indeed fun and it’s also an excellent way to encourage outdoor play and exercise. There is a fun game about trampolining just arrives to Friv games. Welcome you to Flip Jump Race 3D. Your mission here is to jump from this trampoline to that trampoline until you reach the final one. It’s not a piece of cake as it seems to be. You have to time your jump and land right on the next trampoline without falling. If you fall into the water, you’re back to the first trampoline.

Therefore, you need to jump in the right direction. Each trampoline looks like a target. You tap and hold your finger or click and hold the mouse to jump, release your hand to land. When you land on the circle, you have less momentum than landing on the bullseye. It’s not hard to land right on the bullseyes. You may figure out how to land on the bullseye by yourself soon but here is the tip.

When you see the bullseye changes into another color, let’s release your hand and here you go. Like other games on https://m.friv.land/, as you level up, the jumping journey is longer. You can’t take a shortcut but sometimes, you don’t need to follow the provided track and jump one by one. Instead, you can jump over more than one trampoline if you have enough momentum, and to get momentum, you should jump into the bullseye.

It means as long as your fallen point is the bullseye, you will be able to jump farther. Besides this interesting game, there are tons of options to try on our site. Here are some suggestions for you: Undead Crate Boy and Flying Fat Man.

How to play: Mouse or touch.

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