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Battle Royale is well-known as an action game in You are a soldier in a fierce skirmish. You must fight against many opponents. Combat until you can’t shoot anymore. You come to blows to protect your life and win the victory. Battle Royale game is a bloody battlefield where you bet your life on ofriv.


Battle Royale free game is an amazing action game on the website. At first, select a character from a medic, a farmer, a policeman, a soldier, and a salaryman. Each character has separate sort of feature to start with like a weapon or survival kit. You fight like a real warrior at ofriv games. The battleground has tough terrain. You must move flexibly.


You jump down and get off the aircraft. You join the combat. You can go straight, go backward, move to the right and move to the left. You are provided several kinds of weapon. You can use revolver, shotgun, machine gun or rifle. Collect pieces of equipment such as kinds of gun, grenades, ammo, and anything useful in ofriv online games.


This is a single-player game. You are alone. You are against a series of rivals. Aim at and shoot them as soon as you see them. Otherwise, they shoot you first and you lose your life. You run fast away from dangerous things. Sprint like a wind. If you meet obstacles like stones or pedestals, you jump over them. Make high jumps.


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  • Use arrows or WASD to move.
  • Use the mouse to aim and shoot.
  • Use Shift to sprint and Space to jump.
  • Use C to crouch and F to interact.
  • Use R to reload and TAB to choose items in the inventory.
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