Happy Glass


Happy Glass GamePlay:

Happy Glass is a fun physics-based puzzler in which your objective is to fill the glass with water in every level. It tests your creativity. Let’s your brain work by finding the best way to lead the water into the glass. This mission is not too hard in the beginning, but as you level up, the friv game is more challenging. Try your best to finish each level with 3 stars. The number stars that you earn depend on how much ink you use to draw a line or a shape.

The amount of ink you have left is shown by the bar at the top of the screen. Look at it and measure your line or shape. It also means the short the line is, more stars you earn. To earn 3 stars, you have to fill the water above the height marker and use as a short line as possible. You have to finish the current one to move to the next one. The difficulty increases as more obstacles appear. In some levels at http://m.friv.land/, you have to not only draw a line to create a path for the water but also stop some obstacles from falling down which stop the water flow and break the glass. Besides, some other levels require you to fill more than 2 glasses with water.

The game has a total of 30 levels with its own challenges and fun. It also offers hints to help you pass through the difficult level. Use them when you get stuck in any levels. How many levels do you finish with three stars? Enjoy! More games are waiting for you to explore. You don’t want to miss this following options for sure which is Arcade Darts and The King's League Odyssey

How to play: Use your left mouse to draw a line or a shape.

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