Survive The Glass Bridge


Survive The Glass Bridge GamePlay:

Who will be the survivors among 5 contestants who are joining the honeycomb challenge in Squid Challenge Honeycomb at Friv Land? Help all of them survive by helping them cut out different shapes inside honeycomb pieces with a needle without any mistakes. This challenge requires your skillfulness and patience because you have to move the needle along the outline of the shape of each honeycomb piece. It likes you draw a line above the outline of the shape. It’s not easy at all because if the needle goes out of the outline of the shape, a contestant will be eliminated.

When the current contestant is out, you choose another one and start the challenge once again. You should move the needle slowly. It’s better to play this game with the mouse or on a touch device. There are several levels and some first levels offer basic shapes. Later on, your ability will be tested with more complicated shapes. Not many games inspired by Squid Games feature honeycomb challenges.

Therefore, if you are curious how hard it is, this Friv game will show you. A level has 4 difficulty levels and each difficulty level requires you to separate the shape from the surrounding part of the honeycomb within a given time. Time will decrease with increasing difficulty level. It means that at the expert level, you have to reach your goal in the shortest of time.

Try your best to help the most contestants pass this challenge, so they can take part in the next round. Good luck and you also can find other games related to the popular movie series on our site besides tons of interesting games from many genres such as Stair Race 3D and Squid Game Stacky Maze.

How to play: Mouse or touch.