Kick The Poppy


Kick The Poppy GamePlay:

Kick The Poppy is a fun puzzle game about making the ball hit Poppy. Poppy also known as Huggy Wuggy is the main character of so many exciting games that you can play for free at friv Games to play. You can see a ball trapped in a box, 3 stars, a lot of obstacles, and Huggy Wuggy. To make the ball hit Huggy Wuggy, you have to release the ball from the box. Then, the ball will roll.

However, the ball has to pass several obstacles before it can hit Huggy Wuggy. The point is how to make use of the box. It means when you need the ball to stop, you trap it in a box once again and when you want it to roll ahead, you free it from the box. The moment you do it decides your success. When the ball rolls through each star, you will get that star. However, you don’t need to collect all three stars to clear a level. As soon as the ball reaches Poppy, you’re successful.

Like other level-based games at, the difficulty won’t be the same from the first level to the last one. It will increase after each level. The first level is challenging, so you should get ready for the challenges in the later levels. You won’t get any help in this game. When you fail, the only thing you can do is restart that level.

There is no way to make the ball roll back. You should observe and make a plan before taking action. Enjoy it and you can spend your free time playing other interesting games on our site such as Shoot Bubbles Ocean Pop and Peppa and Friends Difference.

Instructions: Mouse.