Kill The Guy


Kill The Guy GamePlay:

Many guys in the surrounding towns are domineering and they judge themselves as talented gunners. They want to challenge your shooting skills in 25 levels in Kill The Guy - an enjoyable and challenging shooting game. Simple to play but hard to win, the game requires you to shoot down a certain number of enemies in each level. This game is different from other shooting games at friv free Games online.

Why? Because it has simple graphics with cartoon styles while other shooting games have realistic graphics. Besides, instead of moving around, pick up items, hide and attack your opponents, you directly face your enemies. However, they stand on the tower with different heights while you stand below them.

Furthermore, your little hero auto move. You just need to adjust the right angle to aim and shoot them on Sound easy as cake, doesn’t it? But it will drive you crazy because you may miss several times in a row. That makes you want to give up or increase your fighting spirit. The rule is one shot one kill. It’s a turn-based shooting game, so don’t miss your chance to kill your enemies. If you miss, you die.

With each killed enemy, you earn money. You use the money to unlock new characters. Each character owns a different gun with a special ability such as shoot more bullets, aim more accurately and so on. Let’s unlock all of them and find out the one suit your playstyle the best. Have fun and discover more amazing games such as Sniper Strike and Grow In The Hole.

Instructions: Aim and shoot by pressing, holding and releasing your left mouse.

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