Power Rangers Kill Space Zombies


Power Rangers Kill Space Zombies GamePlay:

Power Rangers are here in another awesome game at Friv online. Let’s discover the mission that they need to finish this time in Power Rangers Kill Space Zombies and undoubtedly, they need your help. Zombies and AI-controlled robots are about to conquer the world. If their plan comes true, people around the world will have to suffer a lot. Try your best to stop their plan and save the world.

Play as a hero in Power Ranger, you will sneak into the enemy’s base and kill every single of them with your powerful sword. Their base is protected by several traps that can put your life in danger if you’re not careful. Watch your move and jump because you have only one life on each level. Your mission at each level is to kill all enemies and reach the exit. This exit leads you to another room in the enemy’s spaceship and when you’re there, you keep doing your duty.

On https://m.friv.land/, you have to attack them when they approach you close enough. Don’t let them touch you. Quickly slash them with your sword and make sure you avoid all traps out there as well. You can be killed by enemies and traps. With each successful level, you earn money and you can use the money to buy upgrades in the store before you start the new level. After 4 levels, you face a boss. This boss is strong and you find it much harder to kill him than his minions. The difficulty level increases as you advance.

How can you handle it? Break a leg and have fun. After finishing all levels here, you can move to other games such as Super Fighting .

Instructions: Arrow keys to move and Z to attack.

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