Stretch Guy


Stretch Guy GamePlay:

Stretch Guy is an addicting game about a flexible guy who is good at stretching. This fun puzzle game at friv Games for boys requires you to find the best way to stretch both his arms and legs to reach a certain spot on each level. You need to move him higher and higher each time by stretching his arms and legs. However, he cannot stretch endlessly. There is a limit that you should pay attention to. If his face turns red, you know that it’s time to make a new strategy.

Everything is ok if his face is green. A level is failed if one of his limbs snaps. So do not stretch out the most dangerous lengths. You don’t have to finish a level within a given time; therefore, do not rush. Think before you make a move. Besides, you should stay away from saws. Surely, there's nothing more annoying than getting close to the finish line just to get kicked back because you've been cut by a sharp blade.

Here at, after you pull an arm or a leg off the wall, make sure you don’t leave it dangling and stretch another arm or leg. Only pick an arm or leg to stretch when two arms and two legs are stuck down. In the later stages, it’s even more challenging to solve a puzzle. Saws are not the only thing that threatens your life. You also face other dangers. It’s double challenging when you have to reach the finish spot and avoid touching those obstacles.

However, you can do it. Just restart the level that you fail and you will find an effective solution to deal with it. Have fun and discover other games such as Baldi's Fun New School Remastered and .

Instructions: Mouse.