Mini Mall Millionaire


Mini Mall Millionaire GamePlay:

Are you sensitive to numbers? Do you want to be rich? Do you want to become the new billionaire? Let’s make your dream come true by opening many shops and running your own luxury shopping mall in Mini Mall Millionaire at Friv Girls games. With simple but challenging gameplay, cute characters and stunning graphics, it suits all ages from kids to adults. If you want to have fun and do the business at the same time, you should give this game a try. You start with only one shop. You need to manage your shop strategically.

Restock, open the shop, keep your customers happy, earn money and open a new shop. The rule is simple but the difficulty increases significantly as more shops are opened. You have to manage many shops at the same time on Day after day, make sure that the shops are full of items. If you open your shops without products, your customers come and leave with an unhappy face. Your shopping mall includes 3 floors. Each floor consists of several booths. You will gradually open new shops like Coffee shop, Sports shop, Ice cream shop, Fashion shop and more.

Your profits will gradually increase and peak when you unlock the entire store. You will be rewarded with various prizes. Balance every aspect of your business to own the most luxurious business center, attracting thousands of customers every day. And you will become a new millionaire, even billionaire. Hope you have fun! Challenge your management skills with more games such as Youda Sushi Chef and.

How to play: Manage your shopping mall with your mouse.

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