Mini Craft


Mini Craft GamePlay:

Inspired by famous Minecraft, Mini Craft will give you the same gaming experience and joy. Do you feel tired of the real life where you have to care about so many things? Do you want to live in your own world where no one ordered you to do this or do that? Then, why don’t you create your own world where everything follows your rule? Enter Friv5 and start now.

Let’s start collecting materials around the map, from wood to stone and more using your useful tools. Then, use those items to build any structure you want like from something simple such as a house, a chair to something awesome such as a castle or skyscraper and more. This game allows you free to do anything without following any rules or limits. Just lets your imagination and creativity fly and construct something to reflect your style on As long as you want it, you can bring everything to life. Besides crafting and building, you can go around and explore the huge blocky world.

This is one of the most innovative games out there which sets no rule and allows play do everything they can imagine. So, don’t hesitate to build something unique and awesome now. And show your creation to your friends and the world. Hope you have a great time. Get inspired and improve your imagination with some similar games such as LegoCraft and Mine Clone 3.


  • Arrow keys/WASD to move.
  • Mouse to view.
  • Left click to collect.
  • Right click to place.
  • Space to jump.
  • 1-9 to select a slot.
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