Neon Biker


Neon Biker GamePlay:

You win Neon Biker’s levels and go towards on perilous tracks of Roads are unique because they seem like neon pipes and circles. They shine and look bright. You are given an awesome motorbike. Drive it and find the finish line on friv 4 school 2018. Slow down or speed up.  Enjoy Neon Biker game at leisure.


Neon Biker free game is an amazing single-player game. The game has 40 levels. Each stage has a separate difficult mission. You must do the mission and reach the finish line to complete the level. You choose any level you want to play. You don’t have to play them one by one. You don’t have to complete level 1 to unlock level 2. Drive well to get stars in friv 4 school 2018 game. You can have maximum 3 stars in one stage. The sooner you win a level, the more stars you gain. We record the time you play. 


You know your best time after the level is completed. Your vehicle is a motorbike. You will control it flexibly to move on neon bright tracks. Tracks are narrow and bumpy. You are the only driver. You will go up and down. Maintain the balance. If you fall, you will lose your life at friv 4 school 2018 player game. Respawn to play again. Challenges are diversified. In the level 1, a part of the road shall vanish. You must make a high jump to reach the head track. If you fall down the dark hole, you will die. 


In the level 2, red gears will prevent you from moving forward. Some wheels are fixed, but some move. They are dangerous.  Avoid them. Because toothed wheels kill you, try to dodge them. You are shattered if you touch them. You must regulate speed to drive well. Do your best to make stunts, climb up peaks and keep balance. 


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  • Tap the screen to play.
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