Neon Splash


Neon Splash GamePlay:

Neon Splash is a fun game that you can’t wait to play from level 1 to the final level as you start playing. Here at friv 2020 games, this game challenges your skills in making all hidden objects appear by rotating and guiding the glowing fluid. If you have a rough day or rough time, enjoying some puzzles are a great choice to help you relax and forget about all depression. This game offers many levels so you can enjoy a fun long-lasting experience.

In each level, there is an object hidden in the dark and your mission is to make it appear. You rotate the invisible object to guide the glowing fluid move around and cover all borders of this object. As the glowing water touches other parts of the object that are invisible, these parts are visible. Interestingly, you don’t know what is this object at each level. You just know about it when it appears on the screen.

At the first few levels, the shapes are pretty simple and easy to find out. As you level up, the difficulty ramps up. On, the objects have many details and it’s hard to guide the water to the wanted position. Control slowly and steadily to make the water drip around the outline of the shapes and fill them in. The shape will appear a little each time. Control the water is the most challenging because sometimes, you can’t keep the water together. The way the colors beam out is really pretty. Check it out and you will know how beautiful and fun it is. Play other amazing games and discover more on our site: Madmen Racing and Clash Of Blocks 

Instructions: Use your mouse or tạp to rotate the object.

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