Nifty Hoopers


Nifty Hoopers GamePlay:

This will be the most memorable moment of your life, at least in a game when you have a chance to join one of the biggest basketball tournaments ever. There are 16 nations compete with each other in Nifty Hoopers. You choose one of them and let’s start. Here at Friv basketball games, you must win several rounds to join the final one and get the champion cup. You will not jump to the basketball court and beat your teammates against the opposing team. The competition process has been simplified but highly competitive.

You face only one player from the opposing team and you have to fool him to score. However, in some first levels, you won’t meet him. Above the net, you will see a bar divided into several parts with a different color. Just focus on the cursor and the green part. Whenever this cursor is in the green zone, you quickly take action to throw the ball to the basket. If it moves to the other parts, you won’t get a score.

On, you have to reach a certain score within a given time. If time runs out and you haven’t got enough scores, you lose and you have to start from the first round. When there is an opposing team’s player blocking the basket, you wait until the cursor is in the blue zone, you tap or click to make him confused. After that, you throw the ball right away at the moment when that cursor moves to the green zone. Be quick because your opponent will wake up very quickly.

Try your best to enter the semi-final match and win a spot in the finals. Have fun and check out other choices of games such as Hoop Star and Tennis Masters.


Tap or click to throw the ball.