Perfect Slices


Perfect Slices GamePlay:

Perfect Slices is a fun action game in which your mission is to cut all kinds of vegetables into pieces. It sounds like a game base on fruit ninja game. However, it has different features. Instead of slashing fruits in the air, you chop vegetables in a long chopping board. Here at friv Games school, each level requires you to fulfill a certain number of chop. When you finish a certain mission, you will get a reward which is a new knife. Owning a collection of knives that make gameplay more interesting, even though all of the knives are the same.

They don’t have any special features. Remember that this is a vegetable cutting game. So don’t slam your knife into any metal blocks. Otherwise, your knife will be broken and you have to restart that level. Make various combos to complete your mission easier. To make combos, you have to perfectly cut all the vegetables with the same numb er of chop. It means you cut all kinds of vegetable with the same number of the piece.

On friv 2020, this game is not too challenging and any players can handle it. However, the moving speed of the cutting board will increase as you level up. So, you must be more hard-working. Later on, there may be some obstacles appear. You just need to control your hand speed to make it work. Watching different kinds of vegetables is slid into many pieces is a great experience that you may have never had in real life. Enjoy the game and entertain yourself with other choices such as Gobble Dash and Match Fruits

Controls: Left click to cut vegetables.

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