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Piaf .io GamePlay:

Piaf .io is a cool online multiplayer bird game at m.friv.land.The new io game! Fly and fight other piafs by using your skills!

In this IO game, you control a bird on a field full of players from different parts of the world.

Games Features and How to play
1. Attack or defend yourself by using your Balls and Rings - each Dash temporarily makes you untouchable, deactivate one Ball and creates a killable Ring!

2. Grab and eat up to 3 piafs smaller than you. You slowly absorb the mass of the eaten piafs but they can dash out of your body after a few seconds.

3. Customize your skin to your taste, then show yourself to the world!

Kill them all and take your nickname to the top of the scoreboard. Enjoy Piaf IO at http://m.friv.land/


  • Mouse / Arrows left / right = fly,
  • Space = boost
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