Poppy Dungeons


Poppy Dungeons GamePlay:

Poppy Dungeons is a cool adventure and shooter game where your main objective is to hunt Poppy monsters deep in the dungeons and get out of there. Here at Friv games, before facing the Poppy monster in each level, you have to defeat all minions standing around the dungeon to stop anyone trying to hunt Poppy. Right after you enter the dungeon, enemies will approach you first. The important thing you have to keep in mind is that you should always move around.

Otherwise, you can’t avoid their attack. Do not stay still. You auto-shoot at the nearest enemy. You can pick up different weapons in the dungeon. Each weapon has its own strengths. Make use of them to kill enemies effectively. A level is considered clear when you defeat Poppy and its minion. It’s not easy at all. You may lose your life before you meet Poopy.

Besides weapons, make sure you collect power-ups such as Shield to protect yourself or HP to recover your HP. Each of Poppy's attacks has very high damage. That’s why you have to equip yourself with other useful items. In this exciting https://m.friv.land/ game, when Poopy dies, a key will be dropped and you collect that key to unlock the next stage. When the purple monsters come close to you, you have to quickly move back to defend.

When you run far away from Poppy, this monster will go back to its place and you once again have to approach it and shoot. If you see any wall or stone pillar, hide yourself to avoid being attacked. Good luck and have a safe journey. After you hunt all monsters, let’s start new adventures in the following games: Spiderman Shot Green Goblin and Wuggy shooting Gun.

How to play: Mouse.