Flappy Poppy Playtime


Flappy Poppy Playtime GamePlay:

The name itself tells you something about this game. Flappy Poppy Playtime has the same gameplay as Flappy Bird. You also find and play that famous title at Friv games. Like the original game, your main objective is to get as many scores as possible and you also have to pay attention as well as need a little bit of patience when playing it. During the time you play this game, it feels like you’re fighting against the gravity, because Huggy Wuggy always goes down;

therefore, you have to time your taps or clicks to make him fly up and go through the pipes without touching any part of them. Tap or click too many times or too little time and the monster will die. The more you play, the more tricks you get to boost your score. The drop right after passing through is much harder than mastering the tap/click before the pipe. The game can make you stress out but the tenser you get, the worse you play.

So it’s insanely important to keep calm at friv adventure. One different thing between this game and the original title is that this game features pink and blue Huggy Wuggy heads. You can collect those heads to earn extra coins. However, don't try too hard to collect them because that might put Huggy Wuggy in danger. Collect them only when they are within your reach. And yes, you have no time to rest here.

The flying journey of Huggy Wuggy ends when you can’t manage to keep him flying anymore. Keep calm and get over yourself. If you get frustrated and want something else to calm yourself, let’s come to Wobbly Ligs and Clone Jumping.

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