Poppy Playtime Adventures


Poppy Playtime Adventures GamePlay:

Poppy Playtime Adventures is a fun shooting and platformer game in which you help Poppy defeat monsters that he meets on the way home. Yes, it’s another exciting about Poppy at https://m.friv.land/. There are 4 levels in total and each level requires you to go home within 2 minutes. To achieve that goal, you have to move forwards and shoot down every single monster approaching you. You need to kill them first before they take your life.

When they come too close to you, just move back and don’t stop shooting at them. Some monsters can dodge your attack. That’s quite annoying because you will lose some HP before you can kill them. Your first gun has pretty low damage and with this weapon, you will find it hard to deal with several enemies at once or face powerful monsters but don’t worry because you can find and pick up different weapons while moving by shooting at the wooden boxes.

You will collect weapons, HP, and diamonds in this cool friv school game. Those collected weapons have a short-term use. That means they will run out of ammo and won’t reload. When those weapons become useless, you will be back with your original weapon. Besides watching out for enemies, you also have to be careful with every jump and move that you make. When you get hit by enemies, you just lose some HP, but if you fall into the bottomless gaps, you lose your life, and starting that level once again is what you have to do.

Do not put too much attention into collecting coins. You can’t buy anything with coins; therefore, just kill enemies and run towards your home before time runs out. Enjoy it and the following games: Wuggy Crusher and Noob vs Blue Monster.

Instructions: Space to shoot, Arrow keys to move.