Road Fury


Road Fury GamePlay:

Feel the adrenaline rushing on your vein by joining the most thrilling shooting and racing adventure in Road Fury at frivgame 2019. No matter which genre you like, you always find the best gaming time here. Your mission is simple, survive as long as you can in an epic racing and shooting journey. Your car moves and shoots automatically. What you need to do is to turn it to left and right to avoid enemies and deadly obstacles.

You have to come to the finish line to complete the current level and unlock the next one. If you crash into other cars, your health bar will drop down. Some obstacles will kill you immediately even if your health bar is still full. So be careful. Shooting at enemies is also a way to open the path so you can reach the finish line faster. Besides, with each killed, you earn coins.

Collect them all to buy new cars with different stats and useful power-ups including armor - endure more damage, front gun - stronger front shocking, side gun - stronger side shots, magnet - longer last cash pulling, nitro - longer last nitro boost, laser - longer last laser gun. Destroy contenders to get laser and ambulance to recover your health on change the lane skillfully to keep your life safe to conquer all levels in this cool game.

As you level up, you will deal with more challenging enemies. Some of them are equipped with guns. Upgrade your car regularly to enhance its stats to deal with the hardest enemies. Good luck and hope you have fun! Don’t forget to play other games for free such as Stickman Vector and Popeye Adventures .

Controls: Use your mouse to drive.

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