Piggy Looking For The Sea Road


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Enjoying Piggy Looking For The Sea Road is the best thing since sliced bread at Friv.land. The game is a breath of fresh air in case you are depressed. Piggy Looking For The Sea Road game gladdens you in games friv. Push your boat and embark on a journey. Be brave. You can defeat all sharks and reef.


Piggy Looking For The Sea Road free game focuses on a lovely piglet. You will play its role. A serious accident happened. Your ship sunk and you have found yourself in a wild place. You are on a remote island far away now. You have to find out the way back home on games friv online. The only thing you have is a dug-out canoe.


Don’t worry! We show you the ropes. You are on the beach standing next to a wooden boat. Jump and sit on that boat. Head for the open sea! You must control and move the boat to find the sea road. The mission of a trailblazer is a balancing act between dodging obstructions and going ahead. The name of the game is that you must avoid obstacles on the sea. They are rocks, damaged televisions, sharks, and a handful of garbage at games friv free.


You are given 3 lives which are equal to 3 hearts on the screen. If you crash into an object, you will lose a life. Try to survive as long as possible. The further you go, the faster you move. At that time, it’s necessary to act and evade animals and obstacles as quick as a flash. After the game ends, you see your existing score and best score. It’s likely to restart right now. Click Retry button and begin a new adventure.


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How to play:

  • Tap the screen or use arrows to control the boat.
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