Roam Maze


Roam Maze GamePlay:

Players are engrossed in Roam Maze of for sure. The game is such a splendid way to kick back after a busy school day. Your mission is clear that you have to change black blocks to yellow. You are certainly fond of Roam Maze game in more friv games. Playing this game isn’t like seeing the grass growing.


Roam Maze free game is a place where you must finish your only task. You are a tiny yellow creature trying your best to turn black cubes into yellow ones. There are floating bars in the air. They are made of black blocks. You touch them to change their color. You can walk and jump. Bars are not attached close. They are desultory at more friv games 2018. Move cleverly to touch all cubes. Don’t fall down in the space. You lose your life if you slip and fall off bars.


If you make jumps and bump into blocks, you can damage blocks. Be careful because you may fall when blocks vanish. In each time you play, structure and arrangement of bar alter. You never feed up with this game on more friv games online.


You have to complete your mission in a certain amount of time. A time bar will count down. When the green color in the bar disappears, time’s up. The game is over. If you cannot change all blocks in the limited time, you lose the game.  The game records your points. After a match ends, you see your existing score and best score. Do your best to break your own record. Your score is a number of blocks you change successfully.


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  • Use arrows or W A S D keys to play.
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