Shaun The Sheep Alien Athletics


Shaun The Sheep Alien Athletics GamePlay:

Do you miss Shaun and his friends? Shaun is waiting for you on a new adventure. However, he doesn’t want you to join him in a fun game. He is in danger right now. Alien is trying to catch him with his friends. In Shaun The Sheep Alien Athletics at Friv Land, you have to help them run away from aliens.

First, there is only Shaun. Then, two more of his friends will join him. It’s kind of an endless runner game where you have to run as far as possible. 3 sheep plays as your lives. It means that you have 3 lives each time you play. You have to jump over all obstacles along the way. The interesting feature of this game is that only the sheep fall, they are caught by the alien. As soon as you don’t let them fall, your adventure won’t end.

Unlike other games that have the same gameplay on, this game doesn’t feature any special items or coins. You won’t get help from power-ups or buy something useful with coins. It’s all up to you to set a record, break the previous one, and set a new one. This game is simple to play. You just need to make your sheep jump. They auto-runs forward. With the simple control mechanism, it suits kids as well. Besides, there is no learning curve, then kids can easily get familiar with the controls and th

Also, the graphics of this game is great. This boosts your gaming experience. Hope you have a safe journey with Shaun and the other sheep. Don’t forget to check out more enjoyable games on our site. Some of the great choices for you are Slingshot Jetpack and Magic Adventure School.

How to play: Space to jump.

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