Squadron Hero : Alien Invasion


Squadron Hero : Alien Invasion GamePlay:

Squadron Hero: Alien Invasion is a great fighting game where you will face a super-powerful alien army who is trying to dominate the world. As a guardian of the world, you will let it happen, won’t you? Here at https://m.friv.land/, you can choose one from 2 characters. Each of them uses different weapons. The blue hero uses a gun while the red one uses a special sword. The game features 30 levels but when you clear all the stages with one character, you can start with a set of 30 levels with the other one.

Because they use different weapons, even if all the levels are the same no matter what character you choose, you will have a different gaming experience. Your main goal at each level is to defeat all aliens and monsters. You can fly around to approach closer to your targets and dodge their attack. Each time you get attacked, you lose some HP, and make sure you kill every single alien before you run out of HP. Just do what you have to do to protect the earth from invasions in this exciting Frivcom game.

As you advance, new enemies with different attacking patterns will appear to kill you. YOu will face one enemy at a time but several of them. That’s why you have to be careful and combine well between attacking and defending. Don’t forget to use 2 special attacks, especially when you become weak against the enemy. These special attacks are not available to use all the time. They need some time to get ready. The whole world depends on you.

Good luck! After sweeping the enemies out of this planet, you can spend your time playing other fun games such as Huggy Wuggy Pixel Nights and BowMaster Tower Attack.

How to play: Arrow keys to move, Ctrl, and Space to use special attacks.

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