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Shootout 3D is the latest shooting game added to friv for school It has unique gameplay and offers a fun and challenging experience. What will you do if you are unable to shoot down your opponent directly in a shooting game? Let’s this option show you how. In 6 levels full of challenges and exciting things, you have to be the first one who kills your enemies before getting shot by using your gun.

However, you can’t aim and shoot in a direct way like other games of the same genre. Here, your weapon is a laser gun instead of a shotgun, a sniffer gun or machine gun and you won’t allow switching to any weapons in the whole gaming process. But don’t let this feature make you down because this laser gun is powerful. One-shot one kill, your enemies can’t live if they get shot.

On friv4school , as it said, you use the wall as a reflecting surface to aim and shoot your enemies. You and he stand in a different position and you and he can’t shoot each other directly. Besides, your character stays still. You can move to other positions. You just can rotate your character and find the best direction to send your opponent to the hell. As you level up, you will find yourself and your opponent stand in some very tricky situations.

Take action and shoot quickly. You are under the pressure of time but if your opponent takes action first, you get shot and you lose. Everything seems to be easy but it’s not true. Enter the game world and immerse yourself in all levels. Besides, don’t forget to explore other choices such as The Mafia Club and Pixel Battle Royale Multiplayer


Use your mouse to aim and shoot.

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