Spot the Differences


Spot the Differences GamePlay:

Spot the Differences is an interesting puzzle game which is both entertaining and challenging. With simple gameplay and interesting content, it suits all ages, even kids can enjoy. It challenges your ability to observe. If you are confident enough to pass all the puzzles in the shortest time, then check it out.

The game offers 8 puzzles as 8 photos of family members and friends. You freely choose the puzzle that you want to play first. Click on it and the time has started. Within 30 seconds, you must find out 8 differences between 2 given pictures. A couple of pictures look alike but there are some differences here.

Look carefully and don’t miss any details because a different spot can be a tiny detail. Here at, 8 puzzles with each consecutive level being harder than the last. The second one will be more detailed than the first one and the third level will be more detailed than the previous. Like that, you will find it harder to complete the puzzle in time. 30 seconds is applied at all levels so you must hurry up. You play with your friends and your family members to pass the challenges easier and faster. Many players will make the friv game more interesting.

Do you agree with that? Time goes so fast. Hurry up and conquer all levels. If you want to find more fun puzzle game, you always welcome with tons of options in our site. One of the best games you should try is Mr. Bean Hidden Car Tires and Minecraft Block Match. Hope you always have fun!

How to play: Use your left click to find out the differences.

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