image GamePlay: is a challenging multiplayer io game that brings you to a real fight against other players around the world. Many Shreks appear on the map at the same time, then who is real Shrek? Who is Shrek of Fiona? The answer is the winning Shrek after the fight wins the heart of Fiona. So, your main objective at is to kill other Shrek and become the last Shrek standing. Use the donkey as the weapon to knock out your enemies. Like other io games, you can enhance your strength and become bigger by eating fruits on the ground.

Eat as much as you can to be bigger. It also means you become stronger and give more attack damage. In the beginning, you are still a weak and small Shrek, and it’s better to stay away from other Shreks to keep your life safety first. Then, take the time to eat. When you are strong enough, you can start eliminating your enemies on friv games. However, even if you are weak and small but you are smart and lucky enough, you can still defeat others. Watch out your health bar, if it comes close to zero, you must find some food to restore health before it’s too late.

Remember that when a Shrek dies, they leave their food on the map, take that chance to collect the food right away. Good luck! You are sure to want to explore other games, right? Enjoy these following options first because they are more than what you expect Goosegame .io and Zombie Hunter

Instructions: Mouse to move, left-click to attack, right-click to speed up, space to stop, Enter to chat.

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