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   In the past, when the Internet was under development, there are so many childhood games that children spends time playing in their free time. Nowadays, with the blooming of the Internet, these games gradually fade away and they are replaced with online games. And friv unblocked is one of the most trusted addresses that you can visit and find your favorite games as well as explore various new games. Many online game developers create games based on childhood games and Hop Fun Scotch is one of them.

This is a fun game that you can play for free online instead of playing on the ground. The rule is similar to the classic version with a twist. If you hop on a court divided into several squares on the ground, in this game you will deal with many challenges. For example, the court is created by combining several columns and these columns won’t stay still. They move continuously. It requires you to hold your legs together to spread them out to advance ahead.

On friv 4, each level offers different challenges while your character auto hops. You just control the movement of the legs. Take action at the right time to avoid falling down. It’s quite tricky and you have to spend time and effort to master the movement of your legs as well as the column. You will automatically move to the new stage when hopping to the last square. So if you are ready to face challenges, let’s start and bring back your memory of this old game. Besides, more games are waiting for you to discover on our site. Some of them are Ski Jump 2 and Magic Piano Online

Controls: Take action by using your mouse.

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