Stickjet Challenge


Stickjet Challenge GamePlay:

Stickjet Challenge is a fun and challenging arcade game. It combines endless runner elements with Flappy Bird elements to bring you a great and sometimes annoying experience due to its difficulty. You must help the little stickman wearing a jet pack to reach the flag at the end of each level. There are several stages waiting for you to conquer at free friv Games. Let’s win over all levels with 3 stars.

All you need to do in this fun game is to tap and click in a skillful way to help stickman fly through all obstacles and collect a least 1 star to complete each level and unlock the next one. Each level is short but really challenging as your little stickman is vulnerable. He can die if he touches everything in the stage on You must keep him fly in the air and land safely on the platform.

Be sure to collect at least 1 star before you reach the flag, otherwise, you lose and you have to play that level again until you get 1 star. Ingenuity and patience are all you need to overcome every level. A certain level may have to be played several times. It’s not easy to beat a level from the first trying.

If yes, you are a great gamer. Let’s challenge yourself by conquering 60 challenging and interesting levels. You will have so much fun here. If you want to find other games as amazing as this one, let’s give Crazy Ball and Wind Rider a try.

Instructions: Tap or click to fly.

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