Zombie Killing Spree


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Zombie Killing Spree is a fascinating shooting game in Friv.land which will challenge you so much. If you like to struggle with bad influence to build peace, this game is created for you to enjoy. The Zombie Killing Spree online game definitely satisfies you with interesting missions and deadly weapons.

The free Zombie Killing Spree game is an action shooting one-player game at Friv com . You will control your own fighter to kill zombies attacking you. Your character uses a machine gun to shoot enemies. The battleground is not large, so you don’t have to move too much on frivcom2 player game. However, you had better watch out because walking dead bodies often appear suddenly and you have no time to hesitate to kill. Shoot zombies and save yourself. There are many blood-thirsty zombies beating you at one time. Quickly-responding ability and shooting skill need to be used effectively. You will face fear and danger. Kill opponents as fast as possible if you don’t want to lose your life by walking dead monsters of friv com 2 online games!

A great deal of stages is available for you to complete. It is not difficult to pass the first stages. You will not take a long time to finish them. Nevertheless, difficult level increases along with your rank on the stage board.  As you complete a stage, you can choose and upgrade one skill like damage, reload speed, move speed or fire rate at frivcom free games. If you upgrade your health, a number of your lives will go up. You will start the game with Rifle. You can unlock Burst Rifle and SMG if win a certain number of stages.     

If you cannot defeat zombies, you will be killed. The game is over and you can begin again immediately. Your total skills are stored, so you may see your result.

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Use the mouse to shoot zombies and move the character.

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