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The Floor Is Lava Online is a simple and funny game in You will begin your own escapade, go ahead and try to avoid the hot liquid rock. You have to jump more and more to save your life. The Floor Is Lava Online game of http friv is so perfect for you. It certainly relieves stress. What about trying it out!
You will live in the hazardous world of grueling lava floor in The Floor Is Lava Online free game. This single-player game definitely gives you joyful moments. The Floor Is Lava Challenge is a popular teen trend. This game is inspired by that fad at http friv com. You are going to be a small red block. Your mission is to jump up and evade frightening lava on the floor. Why is lava so dangerous? It’s because if you touch that hot liquid, you will lose your life.
  You will jump fast on bars to get the higher position and run away lava. Lava is on the ground. As soon as you start making the first jump, the lava will rise in http www friv com. It runs high continually, so you must jump constantly. If you jump slowly, the lava will kill you. Be careful!

The bars appear on both sides. Their position is different. You cannot guess their arrangement. You should jump exactly. If you need to jump on the left bar, you must click the left screen. In case that you jump wrongly, we take your life away on http friv games. Be in the zone and make right jumps. You get a point for each successful jump. Gain scores as many as possible. After the game is over, you see your score and best score. Replay to start a new game.
The Floor Is Lava Online is an online HTML5 game on Frivland, it's playable in browsers such as safari and chrome. You can play the game on smartphone and tablet (iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Android devices and Windows Phone).  We greatly appreciate your reviews and rating. Please introduce games in to your companions and have fun together! Enjoy our cool games such as Geometry Dash Neon and Impossible Lite Dash! Good luck!
How to play:

  • Tap the screen or use the mouse to control your block.
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