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Toy Car Simulator GamePlay:

Toy Car Simulator is a 3D car game at You test your driving skill and braveness. Drive the ultimate vehicle on bumpy roads. Overcome obstacles and conquer tracks. Players are tempted by Toy Car Simulator game of frivt. Explore terrains and challenge yourself. Keep plugging! Branch out!


Toy Car Simulator online game is a driving game on our website. You will play in three areas which are arena, highway, and free ride. In the free ride area, you can play in the 1P or 2P. In each mode, you drive in a town in the day or at night. In the arena, you have to compete with opponents to win the trophy. Attack enemies in frivt games and push them down on the ground.


After you choose the place to play in, you select your means of transport. You can choose a yellow taxi car, truck, minivan, police car, fire truck, ambulance, helicopter, excavator, bulldozer or tank.  Make a decision. Take a vehicle. It will become your companion on frivt player games. Vehicles have names like Medic, Iceberg, Monster, P.D, Rebel, and Travis.


For example, you see yourself in a town. Your mission is collecting gold coins. Each coin values 25 points. Get coins to gain points. There are two bars which are power bar and score bar. Sometimes you see your speed. You will move on blue roads to earn coins. The special tracks are bendy and tottering. Keep balance to avoid falling. Blue roads are like bridges. They are hovering in the air. If you are a helicopter, you will fly around and earn coins in the air.


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  • Use arrows to turn right/left, go backward and go ahead.
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