Toy Cars 2


Toy Cars 2 GamePlay:

Toy Cars 2 is the latest game combine between arcade avoiding and driving simulation game. It offers a garage full of 3D toy cars. You have $10,000 but save it and earn more money by completing each mission to unlock other awesome vehicles in the store. There are various options here and when looking at them, you can’t wait for own them for sure. At friv games unblocked, you are going to conquer 3 modes including Free Drive, Highway, and Arena. Each mode is divided into 2 sections: night and day. Make sure you don’t mission any section. Try them all and feel the differences as well as enjoy the different experience.

You start the game with a free car. Over time, you can unlock the new ones. Free Drive mode allows you to drive freely like the way you want around an open area. There, you both drive and go sightseeing. Drive at the highest speed without being stopped by anything or drive slowly and capture the beautiful scenes. In the Highway mode, you drive through the crowded city, avoid other vehicles, follow the rules and don’t make any accidents.

On free online friv Games , Arena mode is the highest competitive mode in which you race against AI. Are you better or AI racers? Check out now. You control the toy cars but enjoy the realistic driving experience. Don’t let its cartoon look fool you. Have fun! Other racing and driving games are available for free on our site. Check out whenever you have free time. Some of the best choices for you are Time To Park and Sling Drift

Controls: Arrow keys or WASD to drive.

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