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You are attracted to Tripolygon of Play with colors and practice quick-reaction ability. You make a rectangle spin. Match bars with the same – colored parts. You will experience glowing memories and radiant moments.  Tripolygon game gives players a lift on juegos friv 5. Have a great time!


Tripolygon free game is a beguiling game. You control a rectangle which is made from 3 parts with 3 different colors. You can choose a rectangle from the shop. For example, you choose a rectangle including red, yellow, and blue. The rectangle may rotate at juegos friv 5 games. How do you play this game? The rectangle stands on the ground. It just rotates and it cannot change the position.

Many colorful bars drop from above. You must rotate the rectangle in such way that the color of the bar and rectangle are the same. For instance, a red bar falls down. You must make the red part touches the bar. The blue bar meets the blue part and the yellow part meets yellow bars. Rotate the rectangle quickly. Bars drop faster and faster. Keep an eye on them and move the rectangle fast. You have one point when you match the right bar with the same-colored part in juegos friv 5 player games.

The rectangle can turn in clockwise or anticlockwise direction. You can take a rectangle in the shop. There are 6 rectangles. One has red, yellow, and blue in color. Another one has yellow, red, and green color. One rectangle consists of white, black, and red color. One owns white, green, and red. One rectangle has black, green, and red.

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How to play:                                                                                

  • Click or tap the screen.


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