Maze Hide Or Seek


Maze Hide Or Seek GamePlay:

Do you want to play hide and seek? Do you want to play an escape game? Come to Friv games 2023 and enjoy Maze Hide Or Seek. You will love it. Why? Because it has some unique features that keep you hooked. You can play both a killer and a villager randomly in each match. Let’s find out what you will do if you are a killer and a villager. As a killer, you will pretend to be a villager and start killing or preventing the villagers from leaving after being discovered.

And if you are a villager trapped in a maze with the killer, you need to open the switches in time to escape. The villager has some power-ups that help you to reach your goal easier including Invisibility makes the villager invisible for 2s, Speed -Up makes the villager move faster for 1.5s, and Invulnerability makes the villager invulnerable for 2s.

The killer in this also has some power-ups including Remote Control that can turn off an open switch randomly, Radar extends the vision field by 20 for 5s, and Trap keeps the villager still for 1.5s. Remember that whoever you are, you have to reach your target within a given time. If time runs out and missions haven’t been clear, you lose.

Don’t forget to spin the lucky wheel to get a free reward and log in to the game every day to get a daily reward. You can use coins that you earn from winning the match to unlock new skins for your character as well. By completing all the tasks, you also get rewarded. Good luck to you and have fun in other games such as Draw The Weapon and Fidget Toys Pop It. Stay tuned for new additions coming.

How to play: Mouse.