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Tunnel Rush of Friv.land is a great choice for fans of hoping games. Do you have a soft spot for entering races? Run along bright-colored tunnels and overcome obstacles. It sounds stimulating, doesn’t it? Tunnel Rush game takes you to the huge steep tube. Make carefree minutes at friv. Play it out!

Welcome to the Tunnel Rush free game! This is a one-player game. This is not like a usual tunnel, but a colorful tunnel. At first, you cannot see the world outside. You just move toward and jump in the tunnel. You run as fast as a flash. Maybe you feel a little bit dizzy on friv/ games. com. Don’t be afraid! Enjoy the extreme sports. The plenty of obstacles stop you from escaping from the long tube. Obstructions are red and have many shapes. They are placed on the path and threaten your life.


Obstructions are bars, columns, blocks, big X-shaped blocks, and triangles. Move to the right and left to evade them. The tunnel is black and white in the beginning, then it turns into rainbow-like colors. After you have left a lot of obstacles behind, you go through a gate in friv/ player games so that the level is up. You go out of the tunnel and run on an uneven road. This path is full of dangerous triangles and blocks. You cross another gate and return inside the tunnel. Obstacles change shapes. The game is more and more challenging.  


You can pause to take a rest. If you have a new record, the game notifies you. If you bump into any red obstacle, the game will be over. You just have a life of friv/ online game. While you play the game, we show you the distance you have already gone and the speed. Replay to set up a new race. While you run, we also let you know your distance and speed. It’s essential to respond fast and dodge obstructions. The game is like an amusing extreme sport.


We are blessed to read your comments. Rate the game highly. Share it with your playmates to invite them to play with you. Are you ready to play many jumping games such as Color Tunnel, Impossible Lite Dash and Jump Boy Jump from http://m.friv.land/?
•    Use the left and right arrows to move.
•     Use Space to respawn. 

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