Two Punk Racing


Two Punk Racing GamePlay:

The races in the modern world may not satisfy you because there are too few challenges, so go to the future and explore how the race will be at that time. Two Punk Racing will take you there and give you a chance to deal with new challenges. At play friv online games, this game offers 2 modes for you to enjoy. You can play alone in the single mode or play with your friend in the 2-player mode.

You will be amazed at the racing design. The roads were built in the air and gone through the buildings. Besides, the road is not seamless and is built with many segments that are stitched together. In the middle of every 2 road segments is space. You will have to gain momentum to fly through this space safely. Each mode has 6 levels. In the single-mode, the clock is your opponent.

You have to reach the finish line in limited time to unlock the new race. In the 2-player mode, you race against your friend. Complete each level successfully to unlock new cars. You will love these hot sports cars for sure. On, you can use speeder signs on the roads to speed up. Because every second count, you must drive carefully. Some roads are almost upside down.

To deal with this challenge, you need to keep accelerating and drive in the middle of the road to eliminating the gravity effect. It’s not easy at the beginning but you will get familiar with it soon. If you love driving games, don’t forget to explore other games such as Street Driver and Stickman Exxtreme Racing . Compare them and choose your favorite one.

Controls: Player 1 uses arrow keys to move, M to use nitro and B to look back. Player 2 use WASD to move, Y to use nitro and C to look back.

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