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Bicycle Simulator GamePlay:

Are you looking for something fun, thrilling and full of freedom? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Frivland games welcome you with one of the most exciting and realistic bike racing game. It’s named Bicycle Simulator. At here, you not only have a great time playing experience but also take on the challenges that you haven’t found in other games of this genre. If you wonder what you will do here, your answer is to ride your bike as you like.

This game has no rules, time limits or stress elements. Freely to do whatever you want. The game offers you 3 different environments to discover with your bike. Choose the one you want to explore first. Then start a leisurely bike ride like you go to school or go out every day or you can go wild and perform amazing stunts, flips and drift through the corners like a professional biker. Enjoy the completely free and do cool tricks that you haven’t allowed or had a chance to do in real life. With no traffics, people and objectives, you don’t have to worry about crashing into something or completing any mission in time or competing against other players.

This awesome games suit for those who love adventure, freedom, and solo playing. Fun and challenging, it will test your patience and bike driving skills. Entertain yourself as long as you want in three open environments and 2 cool bikes. Surely you will have a great moment here. Don’t hesitate to click on and enjoy many different choices of games that thousands of players all over the world have played such as Superhero Bmx Space Rider and Bike Trials: Wasteland.


  • WASD/arrow keys to ride.
  • OEFV to shift the center of mass of biker.
  • X to use the rear brake.
  • R to restart and Right Shift + R to restart fully.
  • C to toggle reverse.
  • Spacebar to do the bunny hop.
  • M to turn left 180.
  • N to do backflip 360.
  • B to do bunny jump right.
  • ESC to return to the main menu.
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