Wormate Multiplayer Duel


Wormate Multiplayer Duel GamePlay:

Wormate Multiplayer Duel is an awesome multiplayer online game at https://m.friv.land/ that has rich content and enjoyable gameplay. It promises to bring you hours of joy. There are so many features that make you hooked such as daily rewards, tasks, online rewards, lucky wheel, and so on. The gameplay may be familiar to you. It is just like what you have experienced in Slither.io. Although there are several modes and each has its own special features, your ultimate objective is to get first place on the leaderboard.

You will battle against other worms controlled by online players. Stay away from them when you’re still small, eat food to get longer and bigger, trap them when you grow up, and much more. Here at friv school Games to play, you have several modes to discover. In Endless mode, you collect food to grow up and slither your way to the top of the leaderboard. In Black Hole mode, your main mission is to destroy all black holes. Each black hole in each level has a number. You have to collect food to get a bigger number than the black hole to destroy it.

In Dragon Attack mode, your ultimate goal is to kill the dragon by trapping it. To make it, you have to collect as much food as possible to grow longer and bigger. Then, you can surround it with your body. In Turtle Crisis mode, try your best to survive as long as possible by staying far away from the turtle. After a few seconds, that turtle will launch an energy circle. If you near it, you will get attacked and die.

In Eagle Strike mode, the eagle will shoot energy balls. You have to avoid being shot. After finishing each match, you will have a chance to open a rapid treasure. You just need to click or tap as fast as you can to earn several rewards such as gold, diamonds, or dragon skin. Finish each task to get a reward, and play games every day to get a daily reward and online reward. What more are you looking for? Enjoy other games such as Farmers.io and Snake io war

Controls: Mouse.

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