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You guys are sure to play Slither.io at least one, aren’t you? Here at friv Games online free, there are several options inspired by that famous one and Wormate Sweetness is one of them. The worm world needs a king and every single worm have a chance to become the king to rule this world. They must compete against each other. In a world full of sweets and worms, you have to collect candies to grow up.

You can get food scattered on the map and from the corpses of other worms that have been killed. The more candies you consume, the longer and bigger you will be. In the beginning, you are just a small worm. At that moment, you should focus on eating. When you grow enough, you can start hunting other worms by trapping them with your long body. To kill other worms, you will need to trick them into crashing their head into your body. Similarly, watch out for other worms. Don’t hit them with your head.

Otherwise, you die. Besides, you can circle your enemies, trap them inside the circle that you create with your long body, slightly tighten to make your prey hit your body and die. At https://m.friv.land/, it’s a tactic that you should master to come closer to the throne. Collecting the food left behind by the eliminated worms make you grow up faster. You don’t have to trap the prey by yourself to collect their leftover food.

You can benefit from somebody else’s hard work. If any worm is killed by someone, you can go straight to the scene and quickly collect the leftover. Also, you can burst to run far away from the danger. Good luck and have fun in other games such as Crash of Cars.io and DinosaurStorm.io.

Instructions: Mouse to move and left mouse to speed up.

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