Air Hockey 2 Players


Air Hockey 2 Players GamePlay:

You are on cloud nine when you compete with opposing team at Air Hockey 2 Players of pay a popular addicting game. Direct strikers and make scores. Give it the best shot! You command strikers to let the puck into rivals’ goal. You can’t help stopping playing Air Hockey 2 Players game in friv 3 school.


Air Hockey 2 Players free game is a sports simulator game. It is a 3D two-player game. You play on a scoreboard. Try your best to win all matches. Which team will be winners? You press 1 to play as Green, press 2 to play as Red, press 3 to play as Blue, press 4 to play as Green, press 5 to play as Red, and press 6 to play as Blue at friv 3 school games.


You see a table and you play on a whiteboard. There are two goals. There are 3 red lines and two blue lines. Each team has one green, one blue, and one red striker. They compete against each other. The puck is black. Your objective is to get the puck into opposing goal. You have one point for one goal. Score goals as many as possible. Control strikers in all directions. Act fast and move in the right direction. You must score goals and protect your goal. Don’t let the opponents get scores on friv 3 school online games.


You must control 3 strikers cleverly. For instance, the green striker is the goalkeeper and two other ones attack opponents and attempt to score goals. The winners are faster players. Prove you are the real champion. Follow the suitable strategy and lead to the highest position.


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  • Use keys to control player 1.
  • Use WASD to control player 2.