Archer vs Zombies Among As


Archer vs Zombies Among As GamePlay:

Tower Defense games vary in theme and at Friv Land, you can find many choices of them. However, instead of searching right away, let’s have a look at a game of this genre called Archer vs Zombie Among As. It promises to bring to you a great gaming time ever with Among Us characters. Here, our beloved impostors and crewmates have been turned into zombies. They are no more cute and friendly than before. Now, they just want to dominate the world, starting from your kingdom. Your ultimate objective is to kill them before they enter the gate.

All you have is a bow but it’s powerful enough to help you top hordes of zombies. With normal arrows, you can shoot as many times as you want as soon as you can kill every single zombie to stop them enter your castle. You have 20 HP. Each type of zombie will make you lose a certain number of HP. If your maximum HP runs out, you have to play that level once again.

On, before the rounds, you can buy upgrades including Speed, Fire, Bomb with the money that you earn from killing zombies. Of course, the more money you have, the more upgrades you can buy. You should just use them when you can’t deal with zombies with the normal arrows because those special items are limited and when you use all of what you have, you can’t buy them during the battle.

Besides, earning money is much harder than spending money. Keep that in your mind. Enjoy your time here and make sure you check out other amazing games on our site. Some of them are Team Kaboom and Object Hunt.

Instructions: Aim by using your mouse and shoot by using your left click.