Battle Tanks


Battle Tanks GamePlay:

Choose your side and start the war as you and your teammate fight and win over your opponent together in the epic battles of tanks. Battle Tanks is an awesome multiplayer tank battle game in which 2 teams compete to gain the title of the winner. With nice block graphics and simple but interesting gameplay, the game offers you hours of fun. The map in each battle is also designed differently to bring a new fighting experience each time you play.

Here at Friv4school 2019, when entering a match, you automatically join the blue team or red team. After that, you start fighting to kill other players by using your powerful cannon. Don’t forget to collect many useful power-ups on the map. They help you so much on the combat. Shoot down other players while keeping your life savings is not an easy task. You must use some objects on the map as a cover to avoid the attacks from your opponents on game also offers a great option to allow you to create your own room and invite other players to come and play.

With your teammate, let’s fight to bring the glory and victory for your team. Challenging right? But fun at the same time. Plan a great strategy to guide your iron machine to defeat your opponents while protecting your tank from certain attacks from them. If you want to experience more battles of tanks, let’s try out Tank War Simulator and Tank Wars. Controls: Use WASD to control your tank, Mouse to aim and shoot.

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