Pixelman Battle Revenge Royale


Pixelman Battle Revenge Royale GamePlay:

Pixelman Battle Revenge Royale is an awesome multiplayer battle royale shooting game in which your ultimate goals is to become the last survivor in the battlefield like other battle royale games at friv4school 2020. It offers 2 amazing game modes for you to choose from including Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch. In Team Deathmatch, you and your team’s members kill opposing team together and win the battle. And in Deathmatch - it is the battle of the lonely wolves in which you fight to be the last man standing.

Before showing off your shooting and survival skills, you may want to create a room and wait for other players or enter a random room and start fighting. If you want to run a room, you can choose the round time from 5, 10, 15, 20 with a number of players from 2, 4, 6, 8, to 10, 12, 14. Choose an environment to fight among Donald, ZM_Donald, and Bunker. After choosing these details, a room is created. What you want to do now is to wait for other players to join on http://m.friv.land/.

You move around the map and shoot down those who stand in front of you. However, in addition to attacking, you also must defend by hiding to avoid the attacks from your enemies. Send them to the hell by using various weapons such as shotgun, machine gun and more. Show them who is the true ruler of the battlefield. Let’s prove! Enjoy and have more fun with Revenge Of The Triceratops and Pixel Warrior.

How to play:

  • WASD/arrow keys to move.
  • Mouse to look around.
  • Space to jump.
  • 0-9 to change weapons.
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