Crazy Clay


Crazy Clay GamePlay:

Welcome you to the colorful jelly world where you will have a great time with cutie jellies. Let Friv Land introduce you to a fun puzzle game called Crazy Clay. The name has nothing related to the gameplay at all but it doesn’t matter. You just should know that you’re gonna have fun. That’s all. So let’s dig in. Here, you will embark on a jelly-collecting adventure. You will go through a series of levels. Each level requires you to collect a certain number of jellies.

To reach that goal, you try your best to connect as many identical jellies as you can to create the longest line as possible. You have a given number of moves to make it. When a line of jellies is created, it will disappear. That’s the aim of this game. However, don’t too focus on creating the longest line. Keep in your mind that you need to collect a specific type of jelly.

Like other puzzle games at, you also can take advantage of power-ups but you have to create these special items. With more than 5 jellies connected, you will create different power-ups such as rainbow jelly, bomb jelly, ice jelly, and more. These items will have you conquer all levels faster and easier. Later one, your mission not only is to collect a certain number of jellies but also to break the ice to free all jellies.

As you advance, you have new missions to complete and the missions become more challenging. Sometimes, you fail to finish a mission because you run out of moves. That’s all about this game. If you want to bookmark other fun games to play, here are some options: Ben 10 Hero Time and Impostor Rescue Online

Instructions: Mouse or touch to connect jellies.

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