Fireboy Watergirl In Zombies World


Fireboy Watergirl In Zombies World GamePlay:

Fireboy Watergirl In Zombies World is a fun adventure game inspired by Fireboy and Watergirl series that you also can play at friv com school. It has some features similar to the original one and it’s also different from the original one in many aspects. Here, you won’t control two characters to reach the exit but collect diamonds scattered in the world filled with zombies, deadly traps, and creatures. You have to go through those dangers to collect every single diamond to finish the current level and unlock the next one.

The special feature of this game is that it offers three modes including 1-player, 2-player, and 3-player. You can play with one or two of your friends on the same computer. With 2-player and 3-player modes, if one of you dies, the rest can continue to work. You don’t have to restart that level again when your companion dies as you have to in other games on friv5. The rest members of the team are in charge of collecting diamonds and the whole team will enter the next stage.

In this game, you can’t kill zombies. To keep your life safe, the only way you can do is to avoid them. Watch out for their attacks, they can kill you, even when they are far away from you. When you get hit or touch enemies, you die. This game is extremely challenging. You have to master each move and jump to reach your ultimate goal.

There are 24 levels in total and you should be ready because the challenging level increases as you progress. Have a nice day and there are tons of games waiting for you to discover on our site. Some of them are Super Raccoon WorldFire And Water Island Survival 6Roller Ball Adventure and Rabbit Run Adventure.


Player 1: WASD to move.

Player 2: Arrow keys to move. Player 3: IJKL to move.

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