World Craft


World Craft GamePlay:

You definitely have regard for World Craft at You travel to four lands to work as a creator. You will change the surface soil and build new structures. What do you want to make? Construct your own kingdoms. World Craft game of raises players’ spirits and fuel the creativity. Have a good time!


World Craft free game is the good sequel to World Craft. This game is inspired by the construction game. You will choose among 4 worlds to let your imagination go far. You rearrange the ground. You build houses, bridges, bunkers, lakes, sculptures, and towers. The game provides options for players on games. You control blocks by removing or adding them.  


You will meet materials such as grass, soil, rock, water and so on. In each world, you have different materials. In the world 1, you will change blocks of soil and grass, blocks of rock. You can destroy blocks and replace by another kind of material. If you dig a deep long tunnel, you can touch the underground water. You can remove ladder-like fields and create plains in player games.


In the inventory, several materials are available. They are magma, lava, flowers, mushrooms, water, fire, wood, bricks, explosives, dry leaves, trees, sand, soil, etc. The terrain changes through worlds. You can build your house, garden, and other facilities.


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How to play:

  • Use W A S D or arrows to move.
  • Use the mouse to view, Space to jump.
  • Use the left click to remove blocks and right click to add blocks.
  • Use E to see the inventory.
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