Fruits Merge battle


Fruits Merge battle GamePlay:

The merging gameplay is a kind of puzzle game that many players love to play. Fruits Merge Battle is a merging puzzle game that you may haven’t played before. Now, it has come to Friv land and welcome all players to enjoy. It’s a merging game but with a twist. It likes you enter a battle of fruits. Your very first fruit is a grape and you have to control it to avoid other bigger fruits coming from every direction.

In a series of flying fruits, you need to match your fruit with a fruit of the same type or smaller size. If your fruit crashes into any bigger fruits, it will blow up. Hold and slide your finger or mouse to control your fruit move around. When you move your fruit, other fruits will move faster. When your fruit stops, other fruits slow down. It is just like the slow-motion effect is applied.

This game is totally different from other merging games available at You have to avoid all the bigger ones. Over time, it’s harder to control your fruit go through fruits to avoid bigger fruits and merge the suitable fruits because your fruit’s size also gets bigger and bigger after each merge. It’s a fact. The bigger your fruit, the more challenging it is to survive. Also, you have to matter the moving speed of your fruit.

Remember that the moving speed of other fruits out there increases along with your fruit’s movement. You need to know when to stop and when to move. Once you hit any fruits, you have to start over. Have fun and check out more fun games on our site. Some of the best options for you are Stickman Bros In Fruit Island 3 and Steal This Election.

Instructions: Mouse.