Go Up Dash


Go Up Dash GamePlay:

Run requires skills as well. Are you a fast and efficient runner? Go Up Dash will put you in several tests where you have to dash through tons of obstacles. Importantly, you can't control the speed of your character. It autoruns and what you do at friv Games online is to help it jump to the left and right to avoid crashing into traps. Besides, you have only one chance at each level.

There is no power-up, booster, or extra lives at all. Your achievement depends on your hand-eye coordination. The movements of their hands with their eyes must be fast. Otherwise, you lose. The faster your fingers are, the more chances you succeed. On http://m.friv.land/, the difficulty level significantly increases as you level up. It's hard to conquer a certain level for the first try.

It's a fast-paced game. You must notice that before playing. It may make you fail several times in a level. Don't give up. It's hard but enjoyable. Challenging element makes you move excited and try harder to conquer it. The obstacles vary in how they work. You can not guess what they will do until you experience it.

Once you experience, you may fail or succeed. Just simple to jump to the left side and right side at the right time to save your character life. It sounds simple but you have to take action at the right time. Also, timing is an important factor here. Play until you reach the final level in this game and don’t forget to try other ones such as Swords of Brim and Cross That Road 

Instructions: Use your mouse to avoid obstacles.

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