Save Power Rangers From Ocean Zombies - Pin Pull


Save Power Rangers From Ocean Zombies - Pin Pull GamePlay:

Among all game genres available at free online friv Games, puzzle games offer the most choices and now, the latest option is here for you. As its name, Save Power Rangers From Ocean Zombies - Pin Pull is a pin-pulled puzzle game that challenges your problem-solving skills with many puzzles. Here, a diver is in danger. He is threatened by sharks and hot lava. You have to keep him safe from those dangers.

To solve each puzzle, you have to pull the right pins in the right order. Just pull only one wrong pin, you ruin everything. Some puzzles require you to fill the diver’s room with water. In other puzzles, you have to lead the lava to the shark’s room to burn it. Other puzzles require you to pull out the lava with water and so on. The requirements vary and as you level up, you deal with more challenging puzzles because more pins and dangers appear at the same time.

On, you don’t have any help like other classic puzzle games. Once you fail, the only way to make you advance is to play that level once again and manage to finish it. Don’t worry if you fail. You just only play that level one more time instead of starting from the beginning. Make sure you observe the setup of the game before you start taking action. This will make sure you can finish it with only one try.

Puzzle games not only give you a great gaming time but also improves your memory and some skills. So play as many puzzle games as you can. Besides this one, you can have a try the following options: Police Escape and Puffy Cat.

Controls: Pull the pin with your mouse.

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