Squadd Royale


Squadd Royale GamePlay:

Welcome to Squadd Royale - a cool multiplayer battle royale game designed with blocky graphics. Here, you and other players are brought to the battlefield by a helicopter. You must choose your landing wisely. Your survival skills and your luck will be put into an epic test. To become the only survivor, the first thing you have to do is to pick up weapons and power-ups to enhance your strength. After that, you defeat any enemies come close to you. The weapons vary from melee weapons to long-range weapons.

You can kill those who are standing next to you with a knife or throw a grenade to explode those who are far away. At friv action games, you are not only killed by your enemies but also the dangerous zone. The map will shink after a certain amount of time. You will see a notification on the screen. At that time, you should quickly run to the safe zone, otherwise, you lose your health until die. If you get hurt, let’s find medkits to recover your health and search for the shield to protect yourself. Plan a wise strategy is important to survive.

You need to keep balancing between attack and defense. Know when to attack and how to defend. Use objects around the map as the cover to avoid the attack from other players. Choose to fight directly or hide somewhere and attack when the right time comes, it’s all up to you. Let’s see whether you can be the winner or not in this thrilling battle royale. Check out more amazing games on our site which keep you entertain for a long time such as Battle Royale and Gun Battle Royale.

Instructions: WASD/ arrow keys to move, mouse to aim and shoot, right mouse button to select objects.

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